On Female Drumming

I get asked all the time what it’s like to be a female drummer. After I play a show, someone usually drops at least one ‘Wow, you really don’t see a lot of girl drummers!’ comment.

They always seem to expect a reply, and as much as I love what I do, I have yet to cultivate an amazing quippy response. But here’s how it feels:

I love the stares I get as I lug my huge bass drum across the bar to the stage. I love the wave of confusion that passes through the crowd when they see it’s me setting up the drum set, and not some big muscular dude. Mostly, though, I love seeing the happily surprised faces in the crowd as I play my heart out.

It’s not that I’m big on attention. I am a drummer, after all. I just genuinely enjoy changing people’s perceptions of what a solid drummer should look like. I don’t put on my badass female drummer costume before leaving the house. I usually take the stage looking like a normal person. I want to show people that it’s ok to do what you love, even if you don’t look or act the part. I want every one of those shocked faces in the crowd to reevaluate what may be possible for them. If this girl can do it, they can do it too.

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